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Ways You Can Make Money In Nigeria Without Depending On The Government


1. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is still on the rise. Gradually, many businesses are accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment. You should consider investing in Cryptocurrency.

All you need is study and understand the market. Buy when it is low and sell when it is high. There are many ways you can make money with Cryptocurrency. If you got low capital, invest in minute coins like doge, shiba, Ada, ethereum, etc Buy btc only if your capital is high.


2. Affiliate marketing: It is all about recommending products to people online, if they buy through you, you get a commission. Just find an affiliate network & join, then pick products to promote. You can promote them on your Facebook, Instagram, any other social media or blog.

If you are the type of person that is good with conversation, or you’re good with marketing, you should seriously think about affiliate marketing. Imagine you promote a product that is worth N15,000 with a commission of 20%, Now you have about 5000 friends on Facebook, 5000 on Twitter, 5000 on Instagram, some via WhatsApp & other social media networks. You promote the product to them & about 1000 of them purchase through your link. That means your total sales will be N15, 000 X 1000 = N15 million. And your commission which is 20% will be N3M.


Take it or leave it, many people buy products online these days. You can key into it and make money via affiliate marketing. The most popular affiliate networks; Jumia Affiliate and Konga Affiliate.

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3. Tiktok, Instagram & YouTube videos: if you love making videos on your Phone or with a camera, you can make money uploading those videos on those platforms. It can make you rich and also popular. You can make videos about anything. You can talk about anything.


Just upload them to YouTube and share them across your social network. Build your brand. As you get views and traffic on your pages, you get money too. A lot of IG influencers, skit makers are millionaires today as a result of this.



4. Creating an online shop: it could be your WhatsApp status, Instagram page or any other platform. It is about buying and selling products online. You can create your own online store and sell products online. You could be the next richest person in your city.

I know people who use these platforms to sell hairs, clothes, shoes, lip glosses, social media accounts to mention a few.


Even if you don’t have capitals to store products, you can still do this business, you get pictures from online shops which got the products, add your amount to the initial price & promote the post if possible; once you get buyers, you order for it & sell.


5. Social Media marketing

Social media marketing is all about helping businesses, individuals and organizations find their audience on social media. The truth is, most Nigerians now spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. I do this tho, Truth is I’ve made millions from my Twitter from my previous suspended accounts to my Current account. This has open up new opportunities for businesses to reach people and make more sales. As more businesses embrace the internet, SM marketing will keep being a source of income for people.

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To be a social media marketer, you need to understand the algorithm of your target social media platform and how you can use it to convert for businesses or individuals. You can even become a social media manager for companies, brands on Twitter, IG & even Facebook and get paid.


You need to be very skilled and good with these social media platforms to work as a social media manager;

There are also websites that you can search and find this kind of job. I manage some artistes & skit makers Twitter pages on here too.


6. Learn a skill or use your talent: if you can sing, act or you funny in nature, the entertainment industry has saved many unemployed Graduates, Use that talent. But if you’re talentless, acquire a skill; tailoring, barbing, photography, phone repairs, hairdressing. It pays.

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