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Top 10 Best crypto exchanges for US residents, United States

  • Top 10 Best crypto exchanges for US residents, United States
  • Coinbase is one of the best crypto exchanges in the United States.
  • Regulation, security, trading fees, and customer service are important criteria to keep in mind.
  • Know how to buy cryptocurrencies in the US after choosing a suitable crypto exchange.

Top 10 Best crypto exchanges for US residents, United States

Most US residents don’t know where or which is the best Crypto exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies from, in the euphoria of wanting to take a bite of crypto trading profits, they get stuck between strict regulations and obliviousness.

Against popular beliefs, for most US residents, the reason they’ve not invested in any of the cryptocurrencies is not that they’ve not heard of cryptocurrencies, neither is it because they lack the funds.


The reason ranges from not knowing the best crypto exchanges to not understanding how to buy them. Rumors of crypto exchanges being hacked are primary deterrents.

Types of Crypto Exchanges

Choosing the best crypto exchanges in the US initially requires knowing the basic types of crypto exchanges, so let’s tackle that first.

  • Centralized exchanges (CEX)
  • Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Centralized exchanges (CEX)

These are exchanges controlled by a central authority, a company that offers a platform for buyers and sellers to meet, and your funds are kept in their care.


Given its easy-to-use user interface and customer service, CEX is the traditional and most used type of exchange in the crypto space. You could own an account by just inputting an email and password, then a mandatory Know-Your-Customer verification process.

CEXs with an excellent reputation for trading high volume per day has significant liquidity to accommodate heavy buy and sell orders at a considerable market price. While some CEXs go further to offer liquidity aggregation, a feature that brings buy and sell orders of the same currency pairs from other sources to give traders the best market prices.

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Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Decentralized exchanges are service platforms with no central authority and no hold on user funds or personal data. Smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) are used to automate and carry out transactions.


The advantage of DEXs is the security; funds are held by the users on their wallets, they only need to connect wallets to the DEX platform. It remains impossible for the government to regulate DEXes because it holds no user data and is not owned or controlled by any central authority.

DEXs are not user-friendly because it focuses on experienced traders and has no customer support of any kind. DEXes has low trading volume and low liquidity. Most support only ERC-20 tokens as Ethereum seems to be the blockchain with the highest number of tokens built.


10 ways to choose a cryptocurrency exchange

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. After giving out the list of best crypto exchanges for US residents, one is still left to choose one or two or even more from the list, what works best for them amongst the best.

There are specific factors to consider when choosing your best crypto exchanges:

  • Deposits and withdrawal method: There are various deposits and withdrawal methods used by crypto exchanges ranging from fiat to crypto gateways.
  • Deposits and withdrawal limits: Some crypto exchanges have specific minimum and maximum amounts permitted to be deposited or withdrawn from the platform. Whilst some have durations for withdrawal. It’s important to check these before choosing a crypto exchange.
  • Liquidity: Liquidity is the degree to which an asset can be quickly bought or sold, exchanges that trade large volumes have more liquidity. It’s important you check the liquidity of the exchange before going in to avoid getting stuck trying to sell off a position.
  • Security: Checking how secured an exchange is is an important factor. Check to see if there are previous complaints of lost funds on the crypto exchange.
  • Customer Support: As we’ve previously known DEXes do not have customer support but CEXes do. Some CEXes still do not pay much attention to the customers.
  • Trading Tools: The kind of trading tools a crypto exchange offers shouldn’t be ignored. Trading tools allow for easy prediction of the markets and take positions accordingly.
  • User Interface: Since user funds are on the table, it’s important to go with interfaces users are comfortable on.
  • Trading Fees & Exchange rates: Knowing how much one is charged for trading is as important as the trading itself. Crypto exchanges offer a range of fees from 0.015 percent to 2.99 percent.
  • Loyalty programs & discounts: Check out for discounts, some crypto exchanges offer first-time deposits discounts or rewards. Trading some currency pairs on some exchanges offers a reduction in fees or extra rewards.
  • Access: It’s necessary one see if an exchange allows users in their region. For instance, Binance.US doesn’t allow users for some parts of the US like Texas, New York, and some other parts.
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Top 10 Best crypto exchanges for US residence United States

Coinbase Funds are privately insured in case of a cybersecurity breach
Easy to use interface for beginners
Has a fiat to crypto buying gateway with several payment options
More than 80 currency pairs to choose to trade from.
Allows minimum trades of $2
Allows all states of the United States of Ameria
High trading fees
Lagging customer support service
Etoro Easy to use interface for beginners
Very safe for trading as it’s regulated by US regulatory body.
Supports buying about 30 cryptocurrencies using fiat.
Easy account opening.
Demo account with $100,000 virtual
A feature to copy trades of professional traders
Limited to just 43 US states
Despite having ETF and Forex features,
only crypto trading is allowed for US residents.
High trading fees Low trading fees
Good security
More than 150 currencies to trade
Offers a visa card with 8 percent cash back on transactions
Best for staking
Quite difficult to navigate
Lagging customer support service.
Gemini Available in all US states
Secured against possible cybersecurity hacks
Offers a large number of cryptocurrencies to trade.
Overs several trading options
High trading fees
Difficult to navigate
Kraken Very low fees
A large variety of cryptocurrencies to trade
Offers several types of trading ranging from Futures trading, Forex trading to OTC, and much more
Very little learning materials
High Instant buying fees.
Kucoin Best for altcoin trading, a large variety of coins
Low fees
Good security
Easy-to-use platform or beginners
Loyalty program to earn KCS
Low liquidity
Binance High trade volume
A high number of digital currency pairs
Numerous services to earn from
Low transaction fees
Not available in all states of the US
Tough KYC verification process
Lagging customer support service.
Robinhood Secured to trade
Available in all states of the US
Offers ETF, commission-free stocks, and options trading
Low trading fees
Lagging customer support service.
Few trading features
Uphold User-friendly platform
No hidden fees
Several cryptocurrencies to trade
Available in all states in the United States
less learning materials
Coinmama Good customer support service
User-friendly interface
A great guide for trading
High trading fees
Europeans are only allowed to sell bitcoin
Limited features

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