Story: My Adventures with Sikiru, The Okada Man – S01 E04










After about 10 minutes of this, we both wanted to fuck. I knelt down and raised my bums in the air and bent my waist. My wet glistening pussy was revealed in all its glory and Sikiru gripped my waist and placed the head of his dic/k on my hungry hole. I wiggled back, wanting that c–k deep inside me. With one firm grip on my waist, Sikiru shoved his 8.5inch dick deep inside my pussy burying it to the hilt. I gave a big howl as I pushed back onto him. Sikiru fucked me hard and fast all the while squeezing my boobs. It was wild but I loved it.

The entire room was filled with fuck noisese

manating from all over. I was tooen grossed in my passion to be aware of what was happening to Patty but the noises that filtered into my fog shrouded brain was proof that she was having the time of her life. She was in her element and was enjoying every single minute offun.

I knelt there like the s–t I was being shagged mercilessly from behind by SIkiru and loving every t—-t, every shove of his hard dick in my sloppy pussy. I was producing pussy juice as if it was going to go extinct.

I pushed back to receive as much of SIkiru’s monster c–k in my pussy,loving it and wanting more.

Sudden all, a hard c–k was shoved into mymouth and began face-fucking me.

Wow!! My second favourite meal after a drink ofc-m! I responded by sucking inthe c–k as deep into my throat as it would go. Ilove having c–k in my mouth every bit as much as I love having it in my c–tand ass. I lollipoped his meat, happily pushing back to meet Sikiru’s thrusts, myc–t muscles gripping his dick in a vice wanting to have it buried in there forever.

After minutes of intense face fucking, I felt the knob of the pulsing c–k balloon into smooth tightness betweenmy cheeks, then big globs of sperm camejetting out of it. ‘mmmfffpp! Ullssshhh!Gluuuggg! Guulppp! I grunted, sucking and gulping on the spurting s—t, swallowing the cum that was spewing from that unknown c–k and loving it.

Imade sure to suck it dry! The guy pulled awayfrom my greedy mouth cos I was still busy sucking on the now empty dick.

Sikiru was still pounding away at my pussy.

The guy was relentless and had staying power.

That’s what I like about him.

Sikiru’s one round could last twenty minutes, making me cum over and over again before spilling his seed in my hungry, grasping hole.

He didn’t disappoint me as he drilled away, fucking me with hard even strokes that really got to theinside of my sensitive pussy.

Another dick had replaced the one I had justmilked dry and I gladly accepted it, sucking the knob and licking it of all pre-cum. Igulped it deep into my throat.

I was in my own world. I wish never to leave. The pleasure flowing through my body was beyond my imagination.

The new guyheld onto my heavy and swinging boobs as if his life depended on it, squeezing them hard and tweaking my nipples, really driving me mad.

I couldn’t show how I felt because of the c–k stuck in my throat. Sikiru had by now increased his speed and t—-t. He was close to spilling hot cum into my womb. He pistoned forward and backwards, holding my waist tighter while I arched my hips and bent my waist to have him as deep inside meas possible.

My pussy was churning heavily,and slurping noises of our joined privates could be heard all over the house. Withseries of mighty shoves, sikirus pilled his seed in me and my greedy pussy gulped all he had to offer, squeezing, contracting and convulsing around his dick. He gave a mighty grunt as his c–k was chewed to pieces by my greedy pussy.

Thec–k in my mouth was almost dislodged as I had a heavy c—-x with Sikiru.

Ididn’t let go of the dick however, and continued sucking for all I was worth. Faster and faster I s—-d as my pussy was emptied of Sikiru’s c–k and I felt bereft, something was missing. I wanted that full feeling again in my pussy and gave aloud sigh of satisfaction as another dick was shoved into my flooded pussy.

This new dick was longer but slimmer than sikiru’s c–k and I didn’t have the stuffed filling I had earlier.

The c–k in my mouth also spilled its load after some minutes of deep throating him and I swallowed all. I gave a loud sigh after a few thrusts of the dick in my pussy when I noticed that the dick made up for width by its length.

I treached further into my pussy than sikiru’s did and I just loved it. It reached deep into my pussy, almost touching my womb!

It was a wonderful feeling.

Pussy juices mixed with sperm splashed everywhere as he dug deeply into me. I was in fuck heaven. I simply buried my face on the floor, arched my back more making my pussy more open as I moaned and groaned in lust.

My pussy felt used but I loved it. I love being used, fucked properly like the s–t I was and I could tell that Sikiru and his friends were ready to make my wishes come true.

The guy fucked mefaster and touched my womb and I gave big yelps and groans, loving the feeling inmy churning pussy. A series of cums wracked my body and I screamed out inecstasy, my cries mingling with the his grunts as he also spilled his load inside me. I lay where I was, exhausted but happy.

My cuntwas dripping cum, my boobs ache from the pull and squeeze they had just endured.

My cunt lips were spread open, swollen, red and super sensitive from theassault it had just received.

But Iwas happy. I won’t trade that fuck for anything.

I gradually came back to earth and saw Patty sprawled on the other side of the room in the same state I was in though she was on a couch with her ass wide open and dripping cum. It was obvious she had just had her ass fucked.

But she had this look of excitement and wonder in her eyes, coupled with lust.

I knowshe was ready for more as I was. I had just been fucked by four guys in two holes but I know I still have capacity for more.

The guys were also spread in different positions of exhaustion in the room,their c—s had either been s—-d or fucked and they were grinning sheepishly.

One or two already had erect dicks again and I was ready to demolish those erections.

The day was still young. I inched my way towards one of the erect c—son the floor and enfolded it in my hands, worshipping its turgidity. I looked at theg listening tip and the knobby head, thrilled at that wonderful male tool.

The guy grinned from ear to ear as I admired his dick, he knew what was coming. I lowered my mouth on it and swallowed it to the balls.

The guy gasped,shocked that I could take all of him for he was quite large but i have had eons practicein eating c–k and very few c—s could scare me.

I relaxed my throat and deepthroated him; he gave a loud moan as his c–k felt the back of my throat. I was inmy world, doing what I excel in. I adjusted positions, getting on my knees so as to properly have that meat in me. I used one hand to work my cum drenched pussy, stimulating my clit. My ass was winking in the air and the next thing I knew, a hand gripped my waist, removed my fingers from my pussy, replacing it with his.

He scooped up cum mixed juice and splattered it on my winking a—–e, dippinga finger and then two in it until it was all relaxed and wet. He then shoved his cock into my ass, first gradually until the knob was past the sphincter muscle and then started thrusting with faster and longer thrusts, all the while working my pussy with one hand. I made to scream atthe intrusion but the guy whose c–k I wassucking was not going to have any ofthat as he held on to my head, shoving my head deeper on his c–k. I was just dying with pleasure.

Fire was building in my pussy, ass and my mouth was so ongoing to have a bucket load of vanilla and I was ready to gulp it all down. I pushed back on the dick assaulting my ass,trying to get as much of the dick intomy bowels.

He responded by tunnelling away at my ass. He wanted all his dick inside and I wanted it too. I grunted deep in my throat but couldn’t let out any sound because of the c–k gag restraining my voice.

I didn’t mind. I was content to service those c—s. The guy whose c–k I was sucking pushed deeper into my throat and increased the tempo of his face fuck.

The c–k was jerking and pulsing and I knew it would soon release its load.

Is—-d harder and was rewarded with wards of cum deep in my throat which I happily swallowed, trying to savour the salty taste.

I so so love eating cum. Don’t mind having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The guy grunted like a pig about to be slaughtered as I s—-d him dry of cum and licked the tip for extra measure. He then collapsed back and his limp prick popped out of my mouth. I was now free to express myself and I did so with moaning as I pushed back at the dick in my ass and the fingering in my pussy.

But another dick quickly took the place of the first and though I made toprotest at first, I later gladly s—-d away! Gulping down the lollipop and licking the copious amount of pre-cum that was leaking from the tip. The c–k in my ass swelled bigger in preparation for spilling its load and the thrusts in there became more frantic and erratic and the finger in my pussy intensified its efforts.

My insides churned as the beginning of a mighty orgasm rocked me from head to toe.

My pussy convulsed rapidly as I hada mighty cum, one of many for the night. Thec–k in my ass also spilled its seed and the c–k in my mouth crowned it all by offloading splat after splat of thick creamy cum down my throat. I swallowed and almost choked as it coincided with the grunt of pleasure I was making deep inside my throat. I quickly swallowed soas not to choke.

I was now bereft of any dick in any of my holesand I felt empty. I still knelt whereI was, flushed and ass still in the air, dripping sperm and pussy swollen, throbbing and red.

It was glistening from the cum I had just had. I was still panting from the orgasms and fighting to get my breath back when the mightiest dick I have ever fucked was shoved mightily inside my swollen cunt. I screamed at the invasion and the size of the dick tunnelling away at my used pussy.

The guy just held on tighter to my waist as he shoved it in deeper and deeper as far as it would go. I have never been so invaded.

It felt like my insides were tearing as fire burned deeply in my ragged pussy. I screamed in pain and a conscious part of my brain thought ‘see where seeking for pleasure has landed you.

This guy will kill you with his dick or at best destroy your insides and you will never be able to carry a child anymore. Imagine how James would feel’. I started crying afresh but he was oblivious to my tears as he just pounded away obviously thinking I was in fuck heaven and expressing my pleasure by crying.

But a woman’s body especially pussy has agreat capacity for expansion and pleasure.

Minutes afterwards, the pain in my pussy changed to pleasure and instead of trying to get away from him as I was doing earlier, I started pushing back at the giant dick doing havoc to my cunt.

The full feeling was so pleasurable that I didn’t want it out. My screams of pain changed to that of pleasure and Iarched my hips making my pussy more open to receive all of the dick in me.

A wracking cum exploded all over me and my pussy gripped the c–k tighter and tighter, bathing it with my juices. I just couldn’t stop cumming cos the c–k was really and truly drilling and touching me in theright places.

The guy couldn’t also hold back his cum as my pussy gripped hisc–k tightly during one of my many cums and with an animal grunt, he spilled his seed while my pussy milked him ofall he had to offer.

I fell back and lay on the floor in total exhaustion at the series of cums I had. I sprawled face down, legs wide open, pussy puffy, ass red and all dripping cum.

I gradually returned to earth to the sound offucking. Patty was being fucked by three c—s at the same time!!! Grunting sounds coming from her c–k filled mouth and sploshing sounds from her cunt and ass. She was in her elements as she was sand wiched between two c—s and gulping down a third.

That girl has acapacity for sex that far exceeds mine. Sikiru was one of the guys fucking her andshe gladly took his monster c–k and showed appreciation for it.

Sikiru has staying power and showed this by still drilling her pussy long after the c—s in her mouth and ass had spilled their loads.

He gifted her with cum after cum before finally spilling his load. Patty was so happy she was grinning like a Cheshire cat, like a cat that got the milk andobviously she did get the milk but this one was mixed with thick akamu!!!!.

It was already daylight as light spilled in through the curtained windows. We were sprawled in different positions of exhaustion onthe floor and sated, every one ofus fuck sated. We all gradually slept off wherever we found ourselves.

I woke up to someone sucking feverishly on my boobs and sounds of laughter.

Opening my eyes, I saw one of the guys gulping my boobs like a milk hungry baby, Patty was sucking another guy and the others were laughing at a bet that the guy would not last long with his d–k in Patty’s mouth.

I was becomingaroused and wanted my pussy filled.

But on looking at the light spilling in through the window, I noticed that the light angle had changed. I groggily asked what the time was and screamed in shock when I learnt it was way past 3pm, in fact, almost 4.God, James would be home soon if not home already!!!!!I pushed back the pleasure flooding my body as I quickly stood up, dragged Patty away from her c–k sucking contest and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up,telling Sikiru in the process that we were ready to leave. Patty, the s–t, protested,telling me to go that she would join me later but I refused. We quickly tried as best as we could to wash away the cums on our body and I especially tried tore move the one on my pussy cos I know my Fiancé would want to make love tome. We tried sha, as best we could.

About thirty minutes later, we were done andready to leave.

The guys were also ready and drove us back to the now empty party arena where we picked patty’scar and drove home.

My heart beat loudly in my chest as I prayed fervently in the silence of my mind that my man would not have returned. Imagine ruining something as beautiful as I have with James just to satisfy the itch in my pussy? Fortunately, I got home to see that James had not returned. I put my phone back on and was bombarded by text messages from him.

Then his call came in that he was on his way from the airport and had been trying to reach me. I told one lie that I can’t even remember now and told him Iwas eagerly waiting for him.

My man returned and after all the endearments and gushy gushy feelings of love,it was time to retire into the bedroom. I dreaded our lovemaking cos I know my pussy had not yet contracted fully to its originalsize and it was still dripping sperm, he would notice..

What do I tell him??


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