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Squid Game: 4 life and business lessons from the viral TV show

1. Marble Game: Play to your strength


Deok-su almost lost when he was playing odds or even with his gangster friend, so he requested that the guard let them play another game. Permission was granted, and Deok-su suggested a throwing game, knowing he would have a better chance of winning. And he was right. The lesson from this game is to play to your strengths.


2. Glass stepping stones: Finishing last does not translate to failure


The Glass game was more a matter of luck. Yet, it gives an important lesson. Finishing last does not mean failure. In fact, there is the advantage of learning from other people’s mistakes and making better-informed decisions. People ahead of you could fail first because they were ahead and faced obstacles earlier and unprepared. You can always learn and grow from them while fighting better prepared and experienced.


3. Don’t rush through life


Most people who competed in the Squid Game were in a hurry to finish every competition, and they paid a heavy price for rushing. We live in a world that wants our continual attention. Our life becomes a series of tasks and this continuous haste forces us to think about things before people. It is important to have a plan, but don’t lose sight of the most important things in your life.


4. Word-of-mouth marketing reigns supreme


Word-of-mouth is considered a classic marketing technique and Squid Game proves that it can be the major leading factor in advertising and product marketing. The show had virtually no press or marketing in the U.S. before its debut compared to all the other big Netflix shows, but it still managed to become top release this year.

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Virtually everyone heard about Squid Game from friends and close acquaintances who could not stop talking about it, and even more so, the countless memes have been flooding the news feeds on every social media app and this results in one thing for sure: It gets you interested enough to watch the show so you can understand the context and relate to the jokes being told. The lesson of the story is that no paid advertisement campaign of any scale could accomplish the achievement that Squid Game obtained using just word-of-mouth.

“In the greatest achievements of the world, no important endeavour that required innovation was done without risk. Rejection has to always be an option in art, in creation and in exploration, because it is risky and requires a leap of faith. So no matter who you are – an artist, a creator, or an entrepreneur – remember that failure and rejection are always options – but fear is not,” a post by Christel Quek, co-founder of Bolt, read.


So, Are you prepared to do anything to win?

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