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Sexology (18+) How to handle a woman’s breast during sex

• Understand that all breasts🍑 aren ’t the same; Some women want breast stimulation in the form of tender, soft teasing😍, and some want it rougher😩. So, know your woman, says sex expert.

• Handle with caution and gently run your fingers on the breast😵 over their outer edges. Run your thumb lightly over her nipples, using only your fingertips to caress her as you breathe warm air over them.
(some of u will use mouth odour to breathe over it😕 have sense biko😂)

• Avoid grabbing or twisting, as if you’re searching for a radio station.

• Kiss her entire breasts🍑, but ignore her nipples for a few minutes. Breathe over them sexily💦, but don ’t make any physical contact until her body is struggling in pleasure.

• While you’re touching and caressing her, say things like ‘Do you like that? Does that turn you on?’ It doesn ’t have to be clinical, just whisper things😘.

• Reach around from behind during doggie style or place her own hands on her breasts as she rides you so she can show you just how she likes to be touched💦.

• Pay attention to her reactions and breathing and the way she moans 😵💦

• Big head you must compliment those breasts! (Compliments are the most powerful aphrodisiacs, and feeling comfortable in her skin will help to elevate her mood, libido, and sexual response,” says sexologist.

To be continued 😘😘 🍑🍆

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