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Now That We Know That Tik Tok Girl Was Not Killed, Here Are Things You Need To Know

Olivia is alive. The Edo state commissioner of police told newsmen while feeding questions days ago.

Cult Boys Beat up And Strip Lady Naked For Using Their Slang In Tik Tok [Video]

For days the social space have been living with the unverified claims of the alleged killing of the tik tok girl.

The lessons from her story.


Never imitate, mimic anything you see or hear that you know will bring you trouble. It’s a small world truly. Perry never knew she would be caught or recognized after doing that tik tok video.

Never go the extra mile when doing tik tok video. Perry was obviously trying to stand out when she did that video on aye.


Not everything you are told or you learnt that you should exhibit or portray for people to see. Perry claimed to have learnt what she did from her ex. Even if her ex taught her those things, it doesn’t give her the go-ahead to do them on a viral platform such as tik tok. There are so many guys and girls who are friends to cultists and they maintain secrecy.

Cultism is not legal but perry for me went too far. I’m not trying to justify the cultists’ reaction neither am I trying to back Perry’s act. If perry were to be a guy and was caught by a rival cult group, her death would have been certain. The rival cult group won’t have that time to quiz her if she was a member of aye. She would have been killed to begin a cult war or even a score.


What message was she trying to pass across by doing that video? She was promoting cultism.

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There was an incident that happened in Benin months ago. There was a cult war and one of the cult groups was leading. The other cult group were looking for a rival member to kill to even the score. They saw a guy who had two wrist bands that represents two colours of the rival cult. They pounced on him, killed and beheaded him. It was later the news broke out that he was not a rival member neither was he a cultist.

Let cultists be left to their slangs, codes and dressing. Let non cultist do what non-cultist do.



By Eghosa

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