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Natural Tips And Foods To Help You Last Longer In Bed

Are you looking for natural tips and foods to help you last longer in bed?


If YES is your answer then you have every reason to read the below article on how you can become a better man when it comes to satisfying your partner.


Sexual satisfaction is very paramount for a happy, healthy relationship to grow well.


There is a true-life story of a man who heard it somewhere that eating the scrotum or buttocks of an animal will help him boost his sex drive.


Few weeks before his wife came back from a trip abroad, he ate the scr*tum of a goat thinking that would boost his sexual performance in bed.


When his wife arrived, the man could not perform more than one round when she was just getting in the mood.


The man thought that the only way to last longer in bed was to eat the scr*tum of a goat not minding if there are natural tips and foods to help in this situation.


I am sure you don’t want to be that Indomie man who won’t last long so it’s better you find the solution before disgracing yourself in front of your girlfriend or wife.

Why People don’t last long in bed?

1. Physical and emotional stress / Ill-Health

Some reasons why men don’t last longer in bed are due to stress, depression, weakness, ill-health, hormonal imbalance, and so many things.


If you are suffering from premature ejac*lation and you haven’t been eating natural foods that have the great tendency to help you last longer in bed, there is a possibility that your condition may not improve.


2. Alcohol

Many men usually believe that taking alcohol or getting drunk can help them perform well in bed.

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The hidden truth you need to know today is that too much alcohol does not support longevity in bed rather it reduces the possibility of lasting longer in bed.


Natural Tips On How Last Longer In Bed 

Apart from taking natural foods to help you last longer in bed, there are still other things you can do to help you become an Ultimate boss in the bedroom.


Are you in the mood?

You must be in the mood for sex or else your partner won’t turn you on and you will not even last long in bed.



Lovemaking starts from kissing, caressing, romancing before getting you and your partner will act the main thing.


In case you don’t know, Foreplay can delay sex as well as help you last longer in bed.


The main thing here is to discover what your partner wants or desires and try to satisfy her with that.


Once you have assisted your partner to get an org*sm, nobody will be watching the time to see how long you last!


Slow and steady wins the race

Let me be honest with you, sex demands intense amounts of energy so enjoy it and don’t rush to finish.


Try to put a lot into every touch and every kiss as this has a long way to go.



Another way to help you last longer is to first masturbate before she comes.


It will keep you in the mood and also terminate urgency out of the way.


Apart from the natural tips, there are also some natural foods that can help you last longer in bed with or without supplements.

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Eating these natural foods will not only helps you last longer in bed but also good for your body.


How to use food to last longer in bed?

The major Natural foods that can help you last longer in bed are fruits and vegetables.


Fruit or vegetables provides all of the essential nutrients needed to stay healthy.


Check out the natural foods to eat if your goal is to last longer in bed:


Red Grape

The red grape is a nature’s Vi*gra that contains boron which is responsible for the production of estrogen and testosterone.


When there is an increase in the production of these two hormones, then it means you get into the mood of sex without applying an effort.


Supposing you have an appointment for the bedroom in the evening, it is recommended you start eating red grapes in the morning for better results.


What if there is no red grape?

It’s possible you might not get red grape when you need it but an alternative is by drinking red wine ( like non-alcoholic), red grape juice, or any wine that is produced from a red grape.



Apart from being an edible fruit, Banana is also a great longevity booster for men because it contains a bromelain enzyme, that increases libido.


If your desire is to gain long erections in bed, it will be helpful and healthy to start eating a lot of bananas.



This is actually a good one for the women as Yoghurt helps to balance the PH level of the vagina.

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So as a woman, ensure you put it in your diet if your goal is to improve your sex life.

Spicy Foods

I know you are surprised to see Spicy foods, the amazing thing is that it is not only used as food flavoring but also to improve the sex drive of both men and women.


This is because Spicy foods expand blood vessels and encourage more blood flow.


You can improve the production of testosterone as well as your sex drive with spicy foods.


Avocado is a wonderful fruit that is very rich in folic acid.


You also get energy for anything including sex.



Spinach is rich in magnesium which also helps to expand blood vessels to allow easy flow of blood through the body.



Like Spinach, watermelon also dilates the blood vessels which in turn, improves sexual arousal.



Eating healthy meat will not only boost your blood flow but also increase your sex drive.



Walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, tiger-nuts, coconut are also natural foods that can help you last longer in bed.


Kunu drink aya AKA tiger nut milk

This African Tiger Nut Milk helps you to relax your mind, open up veins and get your body energized.


It can also improve blood flow which is vital for sex arousal as well as reduce erectile dysfunction in men.


Any of the above foods will help you last longer in bed and improve your overall health performance.


The best time to add these foods to your 2021 meal plan is now.

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