My billionaire husband – Season 1 – Episode 5






I woke up the next day and tidied up.
I went downstairs to get something to eat.
I walked into the kitchen and gathered
some ingredients.

I’ll just eat vegetables…… Collard greens.
After filling my stomach with collard
greens, I left the kitchen and sat on a

I kept tossing and turning, feeling bored.
I switched on the TV but switched it off
cause I wasn’t interested.

I wonder where Damon is.
I hope he’s alright.

I felt so disturbed and uneasy cause I don’t
know where Damon is.

I got up and went to his room but he
wasn’t there.

I checked every possible place that a
human could be in the mansion but
couldn’t find him.

OK now I’m scared.

Chill Kathe, he probably went to the office.
I’ll call his office to know.

But why am I so worried about him?
I mean if it was me, he wouldn’t bother
about my whereabouts.

OK he will cause in the means to his so
called company blah!

And I’m also the one in love with him and
he isn’t so my feelings are my problems.
I took my phone to call his office but the
door bell rang.

He must be the one.

I heaved a sigh of relief and opened the

My hopes were shattered when I saw that
blondie bimbo.

What’s her name again? Pipe… No Piper..
“Damon sweetie ” she called and pushed
me aside so she could come in.
“come back here “I said between gritted
teeth and pulled her back.
Waoh! I’ve got strength!

She folded her hands round her chest,
glaring at me.

“this house isn’t for sluts like you so get
out ” I said sternly, loosing my temper
every passing second.

She scoffed as if my words didn’t get to

“whatever “she seethed and tried to walk
past me but I pulled her back.

This time she yanked her hands off my
grip, pushing me in the process and I
landed on my butt.
Ouch! That hurts.
“listen b—h! You’re just here for the
company contract and nothing more so
know your limits ” she remarked.
I got off the floor and pushed her hard.
She groaned angrily and attempted to hit
me but we heard Damon’s voice and she

“Wo Wo Wo! What’s going on here ” he
asked, descending the stairs.
Wait! He was in the house?
I think I need a nap to know everywhere
in this mansion.
“this b—h here slapped me ” she lied,
going to Damon.
She stood beside him, feigning hurt.
“you’re the b—h here dweeb ” I corrected.
“now Katharine, do I have to teach you to
behave with visitors ” he asked and I
arched an eyebrow.
“special visitor ” he remarked and Piper
blushed at the mention of “special “.
I rolled my eyes and turned my back on

I heard their footsteps going up and I

I slumped down on the couch and a tear
slid down my cheek but I quickly wiped it

I took my phone and texted Olivia to come
meet at a cafeteria right now.

I climbed the stairs, heading to my room.
Almost at Damon’s room, I s—-d in a
breath knowing I’m gonna hear m0ans
and that’ll break me.
It hurts.

But what do I care? I walked past the
room and to my surprise, I heard nothing.
Whatever! They’d still do it anyway.
After dressing up, I took my bag and left.


Piper and I went to my room and I sat on
the couch while she stood, staring at me.
She knew something was off, I was angry.
She stood, staring at me as she waited
patiently for me to speak up.
“why did you push her ” I asked softly,
trying very hard to surprise the anger in

“who ” she asked innocently and I scoffed.
“why did you push Katharine ” I asked
between gritted teeth.
“she slapped me ” she lied, defending

“I don’t care, just never hurt her again “I
remarked sternly.
“isn’t she here for the company contract
only “she asked.”
“of course ”
“so why do you care about her, you’re
starting to treat her special ” she seethed.
She smiled and sat on my laps, looking at
me seductively.
“or is she more ” she asked.
“no, she’s just for the company contract,
once I get that company, I’ll trash her ” I
blurted and she smiled.
“good ” she said and started stripping off
her clothes.


I sat at a table beside the window, waiting
patiently for Olivia.

I sighted her coming towards me with that
grin that reaches ears.
“oh please tell me I’m not late ” she
demanded and I scoffed.
“has there ever been a day when Olivia
Marshall is not late ” I asked and she
“now start talking ” she urged happily.
“and yeah, help me talk Damon into letting
me stay in your mansion ” she smiled.
I rolled my eyes and la!d my head on the
table in frustration.
“you’ll be shocked when you hear all this ”
I said.

“will I be in coma after hearing it ” she
asked and I chuckled.
“so start” she ordered.
~ Damon ~

“leave me Kathe, let me go ” Olivia groaned,
trying to free herself from my grips.

After telling her everything, she says she’s
gonna go teach Damon a lesson for
shattering her besties dreams and I’ve
been holding her back.
“what are you gonna do to him if you go
there ” I asked
“I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind
and beat some sense into his thick skull ”
she groaned.

We were now the trending video in the
café cause everyone’s gaze is on us.

After coaxing Olivia not to go, we sat back
“are you sure you can do this ” she asked
and I nodded.
” and here I was, thinking my bestie was
the most lucky girl on planet after a
billionaire fell in love with her ” she sighed
and I smiled.

After he gets the company he wants, I’ll
use the money he pays to rent a better
apartment for us both ” I said
“I’m always here for you okay ” she shad
and I nodded.

She pulled me into a hug.
“I have to go now cause I just took a few
mins leave from work ” she said.
“hope you’ll be fine ” she asked
“yeah ”

We hugged for one last time and she
turned to leave.
“and don’t hesitate to come back home if
that a—–e crosses his limits ” she yelled
from the entrance and I chuckled.
Gosh! I totally forgot to order us
But considering she works at a restaurant,
no qualms.

I ordered French fries and ate.
“Olivia ” someone called and I looked up to
see Ken.
“oh hey ” I smiled.

He took a seat and ordered himself juice
We chatted for quite some time,
exchanged numbers and I left.

I stood by the roadside, eating for a cab.
“hey ” someone called, running towards
me and I arched an eyebrow.

He caught up with me and I breathed out
an “oh” when I recognized him.
It was the waiter from the party.
“hey ” he said.

“it’s you ” I said and he smiled.
” I’m Lance ”
“Katharine ” I said and we shook hands.
After exchanging numbers with him, I
hailed a cab and left.

It doesn’t hurt to make friends.

I arrived home…. Mansion to be precise.
It’s not my home.

Without ringing the bell, I went in to meet
Damon and Piper kissing.

I coughed so they could notice me and
they did.
“have some respect and do it in the bed
room ” I seethed and went up to my room.
I freshened up and la!d on my bed still full
from the French fries I ate in the café.

The wind howled, staring my windows
against each their.

I got up and closed the windows.
Looks like its gonna rain heavily.

The thought of it gave me goosebumps
and I swallowed hard.

I closed my windows and doors and made
sure the room was safe.

Thunder roared and I jumped in fear.
Soon I heard the rain heavily with thunder
roaring and lightening so I ran to hide.

I can’t help but wonder why Katharine
kept making noises from her room.

She screams softly and it disturbs me.
I left my room and headed to hers.
I knocked on her door softly but there was
no reply.

I tried going in but the door was locked.
“Katharine open the door “I said loud
enough to her hearing and I heard a little
“are you alright Katharine ” I asked but no
“Katharine open the door ” I demanded.
“no ” I heard her tiny voice. It was shaky
and hoarse.
Wait! Is she scared? Scared of the rain?
“open the door Katharine, you don’t have
to be scared “I said, trying to coax her to
open the door.
“just open the door ” I hit the door hard
and I heard her faint gasp.
She’s never gonna open the door like this.
I sighed and went to get the spare key
from the store room.
I came back and opened the door.
I entered to find her bed empty.
Did she leave?
“Katharine ” I called got no reply.

Thunder roared and I heard her gasp.
Wait! Did I hear correctly where the gasp
came from?

I turned around and squatter down to see
Katharine under the bed, trembling like

I wanted to laugh but she’d kill me if I even
let out a chuckle.
She’s so scared and her facial expression
is…. God! So funny!
“come here ” I said and she nodded
“I’m here with you, nothing’s gonna
happen ” I assured trying to take her hand
in mine but she flinched.
“what if the lightening strike the windows
and… And… ” she panted softly and I
admired her expression.
She’s so cute.
“ssshhhh nothing’s gonna happen to you ”
I said and took her hand.
I slowly brought her out and carried her,
bridal style.
She curled up in my arms and I held her

I took her to my room and held me tight
when she saw my room.

My windows were open and we could see
the rain and thunder in a blur.
“ssshhhh ” I cooed her and kissed her

I gently la!d her on the bed and closed the
windows, fell the curtains, locked the door
and dimmed the lights.

I la!d beside her and pulled her close to me
with my hands wrapped tight around her

Her body relaxed in my arms and soon she
was fast asleep.

I tried admiring her more as she slept but
my eyelids got heavy and I slept off.
~ Katharine ~

I groaned softly as I pressed closer into the
warm pillow.

Wait! My pillow isn’t this hard!.
I slightly opened an eye to see Damon.
His hands wrapped tight around me.
Gosh! How did I get here?

I sat up slowly and sighed.

The only thing I remember is “it was
raining and I hid under my bed cause of
the thunder and Damon cane to take me to
his room and… And that’s all I remember.
I gasped softly when I noticed I was just in
my singlet and the sweater I wore was on
the floor.

Did we… Did we have……. I mean did he
rape me?

I looked over to him and gasped again
when I saw his bare chest.
He was just in his brief.

Why’s my sweater on the floor? And why’s
he just in his brief?

That means we… Oh my God!

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