Must Read Story: Sexx In The Traffic (18+) Part 7








I slammed her really hard as if I was gonna win an award. She couldn’t help it as she was screaming her head off, oh Luvpuna fu*k me, you are damn sweet, I love your di*k, pls don’t stop.


Her moaning was making my OGA very furious, I felt I was gonna come if I kept listening to her so I took my mind off what she was saying. I started counting the number of press up I was doing on her, I was equally looking out to see if anyone was looking in our direction.


At a point she grabbed my butt with her both hands urging me to go deeper. At this juncture I could feel her wetness flowing down to her anus and her laps. I kept going in and out with reckless abandon.

After sometime she just started licking my ears, pushing my butt, speaking in foreign language which sounded more like swahili to my ears until she announced to me that she was close to her Pour which made me increase my tempo taking my mind back to the action. In less than 3mins she started acting like she was gasping for air and then she let out a loud moan with her whole body shaking thereby sending shivers down my spine and I poured my precious Pour deep into her warm pu*sy and collapsed on her.





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