Must Read Story: Sexx In The Traffic (18+) Part 4







I took her hands and placed it on my laps, looked at her and she was just smiling sheepishly.

I told her to guess what’s on my mind but she declined to make any statement so I brought my head close to her cheeks and gave her a gentle peck.

While I was at it, I moved a bit closer and drew her head facing me. I placed my lips on her lips, waited a bit to see her reaction. She was indifferent so I pushed my tongues deeply into her warm mouth as though I was searching for something. Before I could say jack she was responding to my kiss like her life depended on it.

While I was kissing her I placed my hands on her laps, pushing it upwards towards her V spot. Placing my hands on her V spot I could feel her wetness all over her panties.She let out a soft moan immediately my index finger made contact with her clits.

I placed her hands on my hard OGA while I was busy kissing her deeply n caressing her clits.


To be Continued….

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