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~ Katharine ~

Sitting on my comfy chair, I gazed at my
mirror, staring at my reflection …. how
things I’ve become and the dark circles
around my baggy eyes.

I pondered on my life, how I wanted it to
be and how it is now.

I’m married, I’m f—–g married.
At least that was part of my dreams and it
came true.

Getting married, celebrating a grand
wedding and getting married to the man I
love ….. those came true.

Except that I think he’s not the perfect

I’ve been married since for over a week
now and I’ve not set my eyes on my

My wedding night wasn’t at all special to
talk of.

It’s another night, another cold night I
have to sleep alone.

I sighed and finally got my butt off the
chair___ something I found hard to do.
I la!d on my bed, begging sleep to
envelope me.

But as usual, I couldn’t sleep.
For over a week, I’ve not seen Damon.
No calls, no texts and he doesn’t reply mine

I knew the risk of getting married to
Damon was high.

Imean judging from his personality, he’s a
playboy or once a playboy as he made me

He’s a rude arrogant jerk known to people.
But I thought getting married to him
would change him I thought I’d change

I got down from my bed and strode outta
my room to the sitting room.

The house is big, very big..a mansion

I rummaged in the sitting room not
knowing what to do.

Everything is just dicey.

My life is a mess!

Whispers. I could hear whispers as I woke.
Must have fallen asleep on the couch.
I forced opened my eyes.

The sitting room was bright.

I lifted my head and saw Damon on the

I couldn’t suppress the smile that curved at
my lips.

His back was all I could see.
“make sure to get it done and dusted ” he
ordered into the phone.

I suppressed the urge to run to him and
wrap my hands around him ____ though
it’s difficult.

He turned and met my amused gaze.
“oh you returned ” was all that left my lips.
He just looked at me blankly, walked over
to a couch and sat.
“do you want coffee, tea, milk shake or
anything ” I asked.

I sighed when he kept giving me the silent

Why did he get married to me if he was
gonna treat me like this.

I opened my mouth to speak but closed it
with no sound coming out.

His phone buzzed and he peered into it.
“OK, I’ll be there in minutes ” was all that I
heard him say.

He rose to his feet, giving those awkward

“I need to attend a meeting and I’ll be late
” with those said, he walked out through
the door.

He spoke to me at least and he’ll come back

A little smile tugged at my lips.
I got up and went to do my morning

I strode into my office, slamming the door
behind me.

My assistant looked up, started then a
smile crossed her lips.
She’s a lady with charisma.
She’s tall, tiny legs, luscious breasts and a
well shaped face.
“are you set” she asked and I scoffed.
We headed to the elevator to take us up to
the hall where the meeting will be held.
I opened the hall door to see a group of
odd men and women, seated round the

I smiled nervously and walked in.
Never in my life have I been so nervous.
But this is different, very different and I
can’t afford to loose it.
I greeted them all with a smile and we got
to business.


I drummed my fingers on the table as the
business men and women left.
“you could take me if you want ” piper my
assistant shrugged and I chuckled.
“how thoughtful of you but I’ve got a wife
and I am to go that function specifically
with my wife ” I stated and she smiled

She walked up to me seductively and sat
on my laps, looking down at me lustfully.
She crashed her lips on mine and before
we knew it, we were making out in the

I pulled away, catching my breath.
” I don’t see a bed anywhere ” I blurted

We used the elevator went to my office.
I opened my personal room which had a
small but comfy bed.

I pulled piper to me and kissed her hard
and rough.

I stripped off her clothes in seconds and
pushed her to the bed.

“I can’t just wait to feel you inside of me ”
she smiled.
“and I can’t wait to eat you ” I said and
stripped off my clothes.

~ Katharine ~

It’s passed 11 already, yet Damon isn’t

He said he’ll come.
I looked at the special ditches I prepared
for him and sighed ____ blinking back then

I placed my head on the dinning table and
for the first time in months, I cried.

I groaned and raised my head up.
Can’t believe I slept in this position in the

I stretched my neck side to side, relieving it
of its stiffness.

I stood up to my feet, almost tripping but
firm my balance.

I took in a long breath then released it out.
I cleared the table and washed the dishes.
All this was just a waste of time and

I was about going up to my room when
the door flew open and Damon walked in.
Messed hair, long face ____ he’s a mess.
I opened my mouth to talk but nothing
came out as he walked past me.
Great! I’ve had enough of this.
I rushed upstairs and followed him.
I ran to him, held his arm and pulled him to
face me.

I’d say he turned to face me cause my hold
had no effect on him.

His eyes darken with anger and fear
enveloped me but I shook it off.
“why are you like this? why are you
treating me like I’m some piece of trash?
why are you treating me like shit?” I asked,
anger visible in my tone.

He yanked his arm off my grip and looked
down at me.
“how ever I act or do, is none of your
business ” he remarked sternly.
“oh yeah it is, you’re my husband so it is ” I
blurted out and his lips twitched into a
smile then a scoff.
“you’re just that for the sake of it and law,
nothing more “he said and I furrowed my
brows at him..

My eyes widened to the point of hilarity
when it dawned on me.

My mouth opened and closed with no
sound coming out.

My eyes glistened with tears as I stared at
him dumbfounded.
“then why? Why did you marry me when
you don’t love me ” I finally spoke up,
letting the tears stroll down my cheeks.
“just forget it, you’re my wife and that’s it ”
he stated.

“and yes, we have a function to attend at
11 so get ready “he said and entered a
room I presume to be his cause it wasn’t
the one I sleep in.
“you’re so ditched cause you’d wait till God
comes ” I said lowly and ran to my room.


~ Damon ~

“you are so ditched cause you’d wait till
God comes ” I heard her say.
She better not play stubborn.
I freshened up and sat on my bed.
I looked over to my clock and it was 9:55.
Still got some time to sleep.

I la!d on my bed and drifted off.
I woke up at 10:20 and sat up on my bed.
I freshened up dressed up and went to

My eyes almost popped out of its sockets
when I saw her seated on the bed, hands
folded around her chest with a stern look.
“gosh! You are not even prepared yet ” I
snarled at her.

She’s thin white dark circles around her
puffy baggy eyes.

I like my woman a little more curvy and

But what to do? She was the available one.
Gosh! I can’t loose this contract.
If I don’t show up with my wife, they’d
assume we had a quarrel then think I’m
not a responsible man.

“OK Katharine, get ready for the function
and when we come back, I’ll tell you why I
had to marry you ” I said and her head
snapped at me.

Indecision and hurt etched all over her

She stared at me, as if contemplating what
I just said.

She nodded and my mind was relieved.
“I’ll go wait in the sitting room ” I said and
left her room.

Few mins later, she came out wearing a
simple dinner gown that suits her

I guessed I never had time to see this
beautiful side of her.

We boarded the car and drove off to the

The drive back home was quiet.. Katharine
rested her head on the headrest and I
prayed silently in my mind for her to fall
asleep to avoid me telling her why I
married her.

We arrived at the mansion and I pulled into
the drive way.

we alighted and walked in.

she went into her room and I went to

I had a cold shower, wrapped a towel
around my waist and came out of the

I flinched when I met Katharine on my bed.
Legs crossed with furrowed eyebrows.
“so Mr Saltzman, tell me why you married
me when you don’t love me ” she asked

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