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“Military personnel reportedly kill two Nigerian teenagers in Cameroon

Military personnel reportedly kill two Nigerian teenagers in Cameroon

Military personnel in Cameroon have been accused of k*lling two Nigerian teenagers in Ekombe, about 7 miles away from Kumba in the South West Region of the country.

The two victims, Precious Ugochi Okudah and Chinasa Okudah, both under the age of 15, were reportedly k*lled as the military rained b*llets at the shop where they sought coverage, on Saturday morning, August 21, Mimi Mefo Info is reporting.

According to a relative of the victims, soldiers heading to Kumba came across a bridge where explosive devices had been planted targeting them in Ekombe.

“Although none of them got hurt by the detonation of the explosive, they angrily decided to enter the town sh*oting randomly for about four hours. It was after the sh*oting spree had subsided that the girls opened the shop to peep how the atmosphere was outside. Unluckily for them, the soldiers saw the girls running back into the shop.

The military followed the girls to the shop and started firing b*llets into the shop where the children were hidden. One of the kids was hit by a b*llet in head and d*ed immediately. My niece was hit in the stomach by a b*llet. She bled but did not d*e immediately. She was taken to a health establishment along the Buea road, where she gave up the ghost after losing a lot of blood,” he said.

The third boy who was equally in the shop was lucky to have been sh*t only on his arm and is recovering at the moment from his injury, reports say.

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