Male Nipple Stimulation (18+)

The Best Hand Techniques

• Finger Rolls: “Place the nipple between the thumb and index finger and roll the nipple back and forth between the fingers using light pressure. With your tongue licking the other nipple.”

• Light Finger Strokes: “Using the tip of the index or middle finger, slowly stroke the nipple lightly in a circular motion. Use the tip of the finger to then apply quick, light strokes after circling. With your pussy dry humping his dick flesh to flesh”

• Nipple Pinch: “Place his nipple in between your thumb and index finger and apply hard pressure squeezing his nipple between your fingers.” This should be done with a smile on your face & just for a few secs because it hurts

• Nipple Slaps: “Flatten your hand and slap his nipples quickly with the tips of your fingers.”

• Nipple Flick: “Flick his nipples with the nail of your index finger & with your other hand grabbing hold of his dick.”

• Nipple Twist: “Place his nipple in between your index and thumb finger and twist it in one direction, then the other While flicking the cap of his dick with your other hand”

The Best Mouth Techniques😉

• Tip Circles: “Use the tip of your tongue to circle around his nipple with your hand stroking his dick.”

• Tongue Flick:
“Use the tip of your tongue to quickly flick at his nipple.” This time whisper to him “How do you feel babe?😍😉

• Tongue Stroke:
“Use your flattened wet💦 tongue to stroke across his nipples while using your hand to twist the other nipple.”

• Nipple Nibble:
“Place his nipple between your top & lower teeth and nibble it lightly😍.” (please don’t bite his nipple, he will cry)

• Nipple Bite: “Place his nipple between your front teeth and bite down while increasing the pressure as you sink your teeth into his flesh.” (it’s called pleasure with pains)

• Lip Strokes: “Use your wet, fleshy lips of yours to grab his nipple while you stroke it with your tongue inside repeatedly.”

• Sucker Fish: “Make duck lips and place them around his nipple to create a suction to pull at his nipples using your mouth.”

• Grab and lick: “Grab his nipple with your index and thumb fingers, pull his nipple away from his body a bit and use the tip of your tongue to flick quickly with your other hand inserting his dick inside your pussy”

Other Techniques 👌

• Ice Stroke: “Place an ice cube in your finger tips and circle his nipple. As the ice melts, lick up the extra water using your tongue making sure to stroke his nipple with your tongue in the process.”
(The Big head will be shivering for more)

• Food and Nips: “Use whipped cream or your favorite topping to drizzle onto his nipples and lick him clean.” (You could also use honey)

After all this, just fuck🍑 away the joy from his dick🍆 & let him feel heaven on earth 😇

I remain your sexologist

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