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Is It Possible To Regulate Social Media In Nigeria? What Are The Advantage & Disadvantage

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At a meeting in Kaduna state on Monday 2 November 2020, governors of Northern states asked the Nigerian Government to regulate social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and others, to curb the spread of fake news.

Now this is funny and same time, annoying. Regulate social media in Nigeria? Laughable 🤣

It seems these people want to silent everyone in this country. They’ve taken away everything from us, still wanna take the only thing left.🤦

First of, regulating social media in Nigeria is not possible; it won’t work. Just like Pastor Adeboye rightly said,

“The best the government can do is to ensure that the news being carried through the social media is genuine but to want to replicate what is happening in China (censor social media) here in Nigeria is laughable and would not be possible here.”

Do you know why the Northern politicians and elites are pushing for social media censorship?

They are doing this to protect themselves. Because their people have started learning the truth, being aware of how good governance should be and how they are being used by their elites for election purposes. They are now afraid that social media might be an avenue of enlightenment which is disastrous to their ambitions. The #EndSars protest was an eye opener.

I see another massive nationwide protest looming. Few clueless Northern leaders cannot decide for the rest part of the country.

Two things are about to happen sooner than expected. Even if the wouldn’t be possible same time, I’m very sure of one happening.

Nigeria is heading to DISINTEGRATION or RESTRUCTURING. Oh yes, we need to go our separate ways or restructure the nation so that the Northern elites can do whatever they wish with their people. If they like, let them completely scrap social media off their cyber space, it’s none of our business.

Why am I stressing out on this anyway. The Nigerian government cannot regulate social media. It is possible to do, after all China did it, but Nigeria cannot even in the next 600 years.

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