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How to withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria bank 2020

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How to withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria local Bank

Nigeria PayPal account can use to shop or buy things online from, konga, jumia, jiji and so on.

You should try creating another country PayPal account for example UAE PayPal account can receive and send money in Nigeria.

Opening UAE PayPal account in Nigeria doesn’t request VPN and you are to open the UAE PayPal account with fake details

Withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria bank

Goto any nearest UBA bank and request UBA africard but you don’t need to have an account in UBA befor you can request or apply for UBA africard. Note that it cost only #1050 one thousand fivety naria and you know what? You will make sure you fund the card with amount of 2k for PayPal verification and then After verification PayPal will return your money back to you as soon as possible.

In process of opening UBA africard they will ask you a question such as.

1. Which type of Africard
2. Which type of Africard speed you need

1. Type of africard
Tell them you need naira Africard in Nigeria currency that is international high and do you know why? In case you withdraw the money it will converts automatically to Nigeria money and you will be able to withdraw the money to any ATM machine.

2.Africard speed
UBA africard is a prepaid card standalone bank verified by Visa.

There are four types of UBA Africard in Nigeria. They are
1. UBA Nigeria NGN local high
2. UBA Nigeria NGN local low
3. UBA Nigeria NGN International high
4. UBA Nigeria NGN International low
Basically we have high and low UBA prepaid card and each of them have their own limit as high and low.
To withdraw from PayPal to bank make sure your fund stay long for 24hrs to avoid error…

Once again don’t think negative because I told you, you don’t need to open UBA account to apply for it. Either you are UBA customer or you’re not you can request for UBA africard.

Put it in mind that in process of withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria bank,, PayPal only remove $5 for charge either the money is big or small.

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