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How to get Google Adsense approved 2020

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How to get Google Adsense approved in less than 4hrs

Here we come up with Google Adsense approved tricks to fix the problem of rejection.

Google Adsense will not be placed on site with scrape or copyrighted contents and also knows that your content should be high quality, original and easy to read.

There are many blogger who applied Google Adsense and still get reject and am one of them but Do you know why, when ever I received a message from Google Adsense I Read it and understand the main problem why I got disproved.

Whenever a blogger got a message from Google Adsense they do not read the email sent by Google Adsense, where Google mention the main reason for the rejected. And do you think you can get Google Adsense approved without knowing the main problem.

For your site to succeed with Adsense, it means before your site should qualify for Google Adsense you should make sure you have unique content, original, and relevant that keeps users engage and encourage them to read more.

Google Adsense approved blogger faster than WordPress, reason because blogger made from Google. I hope every mother like her child more than her husband. So Google most surely like blogger than any platform in the world. Let give Google aside let talk about design. You see blogger have beautiful template than WordPress.

The main reason why Google Adsense rejected some blogger site

1. A new Domain name
2. Blog Design
3. Insufficient Content
4. Insufficient Post
5. Avoid copy and paste

Step 1
Google Adsense can’t approved a new baby born blog because is not too stronger to recognize.

Step 2
Choose the best responsive blogger template that as a nice constructed and professional design.

Step 3
To qualify for Google Adsense approved you must make sure your content length most be more than 7000 words and above.
Step 4
You want to qualify for Google Adsense approved you must make sure your blog post reach up to 10 post for qualification.
Step 5
Avoid copy and paste on your blog because when you do you give them the power to turn you up and down without knowing the main reason.

Things to know before apply Google Adsense

•6 month Old blog.
•Original content made by you.
•Long words also know as long content
•10 blog post

What is the main point of getting Google Adsense approved

2. Post
Your Post or article most not be copy and paste from somewhere else because to avoid problems of Adsense. And try to add one or two post which contains more than 5000 words on it.
You have to know how many post Google Adsense need in blog for qualification. You have to ask your self this kind questions before applying Google Adsense.
You must make sure your blog post reach minimum amount of 10 and above post and each post must contain more than 7000 words.

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