How To Get A Google Voice Number For Business During the Pandemic





If you’ve got a business online, or have a business transaction you’re trying to complete but don’t want to use your physical number for it, you’d definitely want to know how to get a Google Voice number.

What is Google Voice anyway? It’s a virtual phone service that gives you free numbers for personal and business purposes.

Nowadays, the service has been used for a lot of shady activities,

but that’s not the fault of Google Voice in any way.

If you’ve got other legitimate functions you want to use the service for,

I could help you with the steps on how to get it as soon as possible, and for free as well.

Getting Started



Without a doubt, Google Voice is a product of Google, and that means if you want to access it, you have to have a Google account.

The first step to trying to get Google Voice, is to log in to your Google account (or create one if you don’t already have).

When creating a Google account, it could either be a personal one or a work one;

G Suite is the paid business suite, and is different from the personal email account that can be opened for free.

Proceed to read the terms and conditions of the service; it is important to do so in order to know such intricate information as acceptable practices,

and how you handle your Google Voice activity;

also, you know what is likely going to get you banned, or what you’re not allowed to do.

Accept these terms and conditions, and Google would require that you enter your Area Code.

Typically, it is a three-digit local area code that is unique to the different area,

and if you happen to put on your location, Google would suggest that you use Area Codes from nearby cities around you.

The whole idea of Google Voice is to allow you have a phone number from the US, regardless of where you are physically.

So, you can use an area code that is far away from your physical location,

perfect for if you have a business you want to grow somewhere else.

One thing about Google Voice, however, is that you don’t have the option to get toll-free services on the Google Voice numbers.

Once you’ve keyed in the Area Code of your choice, you would be shown some of the available phone numbers that bear the area code as the prefix.

You get to choose, and if you don’t see the one you want, you can click on show more for more of those numbers;

you can sure find a number that fits your business that way.

Select the number you want, and Google Voice would keep it for you; you get to keep it for as long as you want,

and all you have to do is link your physical number to it, then you have a working business number.

Linking the number isn’t all that hard: enter your phone number, and then verify by getting a verification number, that’s all.

Your number is ready to use, and to get working immediately,

you need to download the Google Voice app for Android or iOS.

Pricing and More

As far as pricing is concerned, you don’t have to pay for the Gogle Voice number you get,

unless you are calling a select location internationally.

If that is the case, you would have to pay 1 cent a minute for the call. If it’s a G Suite account you run,

Google Voice service is bundled in at $10 a month

At other times, you don’t have to pay, but Google would collect your call data (a milder form of “snooping”) for targeted ads.

Some of the other features you get includes call blocking, voicemail and call forwarding;

you’re just not getting toll-free capabilities.

Conclusion on How To Get A Google Voice Number

You might have some business online, or have contacts abroad that you would like to call for business,

there are a lot of use cases for the Google Voice services.

Getting a Google Voice is not all that hard either,

and all you have to do is link your physical number with the virtual number given to you.

The above tips on how to get a Google Voice number is quite valid,

and you don’t need to go any further for that kind of information.

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