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How to Contact

How to Contact

How to Contact


Are you facing issues with the app?

Maybe you’re having issues with withdrawing your money.

Or maybe you’re unable to connect your bank account.

Either way, you can contact support for help. has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

With the sheer number of users, it might take a while for the support team to get back to you.

That said, there are multiple channels that you can use to contact them.


In this guide, you’ll learn how to contact, what is’s email address, and whether you can call them.


How to contact

To contact, you can either start a live chat on the app or ping them on Twitter.

Alternatively, you can send them an email at

Before you contact, it’s highly recommended that you try solving the issue yourself first.

You can find solutions to your issue in the Help Center.

There are multiple categories that you can choose from in the Help Center.


There are multiple categories that you can choose from in the Help Center.

This includes “ App”, “ Pay – App FAQ”, “ Exchange”, and more.

You need to select the appropriate category that you need help with.

If you can’t find a solution to your issue, you can proceed to contact for help.

Here are 3 ways to contact

1. Start a live chat on the app


The first method is to start a live chat on the app.

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The app has a live chat feature that is accessible to every user.

Firstly, open the app and log in to your account if you haven’t already.

On the top navigation bar of the app, you’ll see a live chat icon.

Tap on the live chat icon to start a live chat.

After you’ve tapped on the live chat icon, the live chat dashboard will open.

On the dashboard, you can see all of your conversations.

If you haven’t started a conversation yet, you need to start one.

To do so, tap on “Send us a message” to start a conversation.

After you’ve tapped on “Send us a message”, you’ll need to answer some questions.

Firstly, you need to select your language.

If you speak English, select “English”.

Secondly, you need to select a category.

For example, if you need help with a technical issue (e.g. one of the features is not working), select “Technical Issue”.

If you’ve selected “Technical Issue”, you need to state if you have a new incident to report.

If you do, select “Yes, please” twice.

Lastly, you need to share information, screenshots, or videos that display your issue.

Once you’ve shared them, you’ll receive this message, “Thank you! A member of our team will get back to you”.


Now, you need to wait for a member to respond to you.

You’ll typically get a reply within a day via email.

Hence, you need to check your inbox periodically for their email.

In the meantime, do not start another conversation or you may not get a response.

2. Contact on Twitter

The second method is to contact on Twitter.

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According to their latest tweets and replies, they’re usually very responsive.

There are a couple of methods to contact them on Twitter.

You can either tweet your issue and tag @cryptocomcs or send them a direct message.

However, if you tweet your issue and tag @cryptocomcs, they’ll usually ask you to send a direct message to them.


This will allow them to take a look at your issue and help you accordingly.

To send a direct message to on Twitter, you must first navigate to their Twitter account @cryptocomcs.

Once you’re on their Twitter account, tap on the message icon to start sending them a message.

Make sure to include your referral code in the message so that can track your account.

You can find your referral code by opening the app and tapping on “Refer & Get $25 USD”.

3. Email

The final method is to email for help.

According to’s Twitter, their official email address is

Firstly, log in to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc., and compose a new email.

In the email, you need to explain the issue that you’re facing with

You can also ask a question about the app.

Here’s an example, “Hi, I’m having trouble with withdrawing money from the app to my bank account. Can you guide me on this? I’m living in the US”.

If you’re having an issue with the app, you can attach relevant screenshots or videos as well.

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Once you’re done composing the email, you need to send it.

Then, you’ll need to wait for to reply to you. will typically respond within a day.

However, due to the increased volume of inquiries, there might be a delay in their response.

Hence, you need to be patient and avoid sending a second email.


What is’s email address?’s email address is

You can send them an email if you have any questions or issues.

Do not trust an email address that does not have “” at the end of it.

Only email addresses that have “” in them are legitimate.

Can you call

No, you cannot call

This is because does not have a customer service hotline.

If you want to contact, you need to either start a live chat or email them.

They will typically respond to you within a day.


Contacting should only be done if you cannot solve the issue yourself.

Certain actions like withdrawing or depositing money can be learned on the Help Center.

However, you need to navigate to the right article.


There are over 60 articles in the “ App” category, so you’ll most likely find what you need there.


I hope this Article helped you out on what you are looking for!

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