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HOW TIME FLIES!! Check Out The Top 10 Nigerian Songs Released 20 Years Ago (Which Is Your Favorite?)

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The music of Nigeria started long time ago, some known and unknown legends have fought vigorously for the success all our popular artists are having now.





Loadedpulse celebrates some of these legends today as we look back to bring you some hot jam that will be 20years this year.


1. KONKO BELOW – Lagbaja (2000)

Konko Below is one of the hottest hit in 2000, the popular jam will still ring in the ear of any music lover who knew about this music. Konko Below will be 20 this year.

2. AYANGBA GIRLS – Black Reverendz (2000)

The Group Black Reverendz was formed in the early 90s comprising of Shobb2 & Wesley. They came into limelight with their hit track “Ayangba Girls are Dangerous”, which took the Nigerian music industry by storm in 2000.

3. YOU IS THE ONE – Azadus (2000)

Azadus drops hot track You Is The One under Kennis Music, one of the hottest label those in the 90s. The major hit will be 20 this year

4. PLANTASHUN BOIZ – Plantashun (2000)

Plantashun Boiz were Nigerian hip-hop and R&B music group. It consisted of 2face IdibiaFazeand Blackface. The group was formed during their college years in Enugu, they drop this jam after their group name and the music will be 20 this year.

5. NI BO LAWA: Olu maintain Ft Big Bamo (2000)

Olu Maintain before the success of his biggest music, Yahooze in 2007. He featured Big Bamo on Ni Bo Lawa, and this jam was one of the major hits in 2000.

6. GRA GRA – Lagbaja (2000)
This undoubtedly one of Lagbajas biggest hit. The track that got us all dancing from the day it hit the street till date. Gra gra will be 20 this year.

7. PLENTY NONSENSE – Trybesmen (2000)

Eldee, Kaboom, Freestyle are pioneers of Hip Hop in Nigeria, and Plenty Nonsense is one of their biggest jam.

8. SOJI – Rasqie (2000)

Who remembers this hit from way back? Soji (Wake Up) by Rasqie. It was recorded and released in 2000.

Rasqie was, at the peak of his a career when he gave us this popular jam, a Kennis Music act who rocked the scene with the like AzadusRemediesPlatashun BoizKenny Saint BrownOlu and co.

9. MATHEMATICS – Sound Sultan (2000)

This track was basically a street anthem upon its release in 2000. We present to you Sound Sultan’s evergreen “Mathematics”.

Even if you were a kid in 2000, there’s no way you won’t have hears about this jam one way or the other.

10. LALALE FRIDAY – Wale Thompson ft. Remedies

This is popular slang most people don’t even know the source. We present to you the origin of our popular slang, a piece of unforgettable music from Wale Thompson featuring the Remedies.

This music will be 20 this year.


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