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Here Is The Sad Story Of Young Guy Who Got Broken Hearted On Valentine’s Day

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Dubbed a day for lovers, Valentine’s Day comes with so many expectations as people who are in one way or the other in sexual relationship prove their love by giving out gifts to their lovers.

It can be a very good day as well as a bad depending on what you go through during the day. Well, it seems this young guy had a very bad day on Valentine’s Day as he got broken-hearted by his girlfriend.

This young guy wanted to surprise his girlfriend at her workplace on Valentine’s Day so he decided to send her some flowers.







To his dismay, he met the absence of his woman although this lady had stated clearly that she is at work.

The story was shared by a Twitter user who seems to work with the lady. Posting a photo of the guy, he wrote;

“Boyfriend went to the girlfriend’s workplace to surprise her with flowers 💐
Girl wasn’t at work.
He called her, girl said she is at work.
But everyone including the manager told him, she didn’t come to work

Man if leaving, heartbroken, stressed”

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