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HEARTBREAKING STORY!! I Threw A Multi-Million Naira Birthday Party For My Babe And This Terrible Thing Happened

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Hi Guys!!

Wonders shall not seize to happen in this life.

Here is a heartbreaking story of a man, who organized a birthday party worth over 3 million Naira for his babe and something shocking happened at the venue.

Let’s know what you will do if you’re in the guy’s shoes.


I met this girl when she was in 400 level. At that time I was already making good money from my business.

As a business person that I am, the relationship was quite distant but I have always provide for everything she needs.

I also visit her in school once in a while. Also she do come visiting at my place and we do plenty stuffs together.

When she talked about throwing a big party to celebrate her 25th birthday I agreed and promised to assist financially to make everything memorable for her.

If I’m not mistaken I splashed roughly 3 million Naira on the birthday thing. Anyways, that’s what I had to do for love 😍

On the day gan-gan, I had already planned with my friends to propose to her at the venue, so we all pull up with the intention to pull a surprise marriage proposal at my babe’s birthday party.

The party was on, everybody was already in the party mood, my friend’s and I decided that we will enter the party venue in the middle of the groove to carryout my marriage proposal plan in grand style.

As we got to the venue, I heard an unsual scream from the car park, the crowd at the venue seem to be overly excited at something at that moment. What could that be?

Curiosity made my friends and I move faster and closer to the venue at least to see what is going on so we can double the excitement with my marriage proposal.

On getting there what I saw was a terrible thing. I saw a guy bending the knee with ring in his hands in front of my own babe.

The guy asked with confidence, will you marry me, my babe answered Yes with so much excitement.

I don’t know when my own ring fell from my suit😭😭, the excitement from her friends didn’t let her know I was around.

One thought was telling me to scatter the party, destroy the cakes and everything I have bought and another mind was telling something else.

It was in the midst of these heatbreaking thoughts that I got whisked away by my friends.

That day was the most terrible day of my life.

Brother, if you were in my shoes at that moment, what would you do?

Guys, make we reason this matter well 👇

If You’re In This Guy’s Shoes At That Moment, What Will You Do?

Let’s hear from you

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