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Davido And Chioma : A Lesson To Guys (graphic Photo)

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The pain and shame Chioma has brought on Davido after all the hyping and love he showered on her is better imagined than experienced angry sad





I am still trying to understand how wicked some girls are. How can a girl be making a fool out of a guy that really loves her?

A guy that goes around telling his friends that their relationship can’t be separated but yet, she is going behind doors and fucking some of those friends. Just pause for a while and imagine how foolish Davido was in the eyes of those unfriendly friends.

Kai. I will advice guys to be very careful the way you express your love on these girls always keep most of the expression inside your heart.

Some of them may appear to be faithful because they are yet to meet a trusted gentleman that appears reasonable and responsible just like you but also understands underground dealings without casting.

Yes it is a graphic Twitter post indeed.

Just imagine Someone alerting you that your wife to be is always being fvcked whenever she travels, and then you ignoring all the warnings based on the stupid saying (Love is blind) Then after investing much love on the girl you call wife to be, then at last you find out that it had always been true that actually the girl is a Shameless slut whom, not even your wealth is enough

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