Confession Of a Nigerian, 14year-Old-Boy, Well Endowed, Who Had S*x With His Mom’s Best Friend – Part 5






Although i felt busted but you know the saying that goes “nothing can come in between a black man in a butt naked line”, and here i was being suffocated by two fresh cunt and you expect me to run after aunty comfort to ask for forgiveness? if you where in my shoes i bet you won’t do anything, if i had tried that even my nymphomaniac ancestors would be angry with me, so i used that opportunity to bring esther close , kissed her and straddled her on my thighs as she climbed my dick and rode so fast like she was in the finals of a horse race, occassionally moaning

“Arrrgggh! Yes! Yes” as she fucked me

her pussy got more slippery and her pussy juice came cascading down to my balls as ijeoma laid beside me trying to catch her breath while esther was having a filled night with my “machine gun”, i kept spanking her ass as i geared her towards riding me hard and letting my dick scrub her pussy wall fine and ijeoma began to kiss me, i looked right and saw a sachet of pure water on the table, i grabbed it, tore it open and gulped the water {make i for no die ontop woman}, and continued to kiss ijeoma as i wet my index finger with my saliva and began to finger her pussy slowly and she was turned on!

the bad thing about ijeoma is that she is a sex freak, her looks made her look so innocent and you could mistaken her for a jehova witness but when she catches you inside the room, she would devour you and you will be in self pity if you are naturally endowed like me, because ijeoma is the kinda lady that would beat a giant goliath dick until it because small like david and she ain’t letting go until she has had her fill,see me thats telling you my story has deviated, let me continue, as she got ready for another round, she signalled esther to come down as she said

“Esther come down na, you go fuck am till him release then nothing for me, you know say night don reach”

esther cared less of what ijeoma said and kept squeezing her nipples as she threw her head backwards and kept pounding my dick with her now very warm cunt and i was feeling it down my spine and yelled

“Esther am cumming”

i was a close call to shooting my pleasure juice into that pleasure box when ijeoma pushed esther off my thighs angrily just because i announced to them that i was about to cum and right before my eyes esther pushed her back and this girls began to fight, i mean real fight that even got me scared, as they threw punches, grabbing each others hair and was trying to pull it out and the noise in the room grew louder as i was trying to seperate them, as they rolled towards the standing mirror by the bedside and like crystals of galaxy from the sky, the mirror came crashing down and neighbours rushed in to see what was happening inside the room!

my mother, aunty comfort, mama ejima our new tenants wife and oga john rushed inside in quick sessions that the trio of us where caught unaware and to add more pepper to the injury, it was then of all time that NEPA remembered to give us light after so many weeks and i just wished for the ground to open up and swallow me.

“choi! these small children of dis days don rotten finish” shouted oga john

as he pulled his belt, ordered me to stay flat on the ground, i was giving the most unceremonious whip of shame in my life that i hated myself the more, i could see not only anger but shame also written all over the face of aunty comfort as she was slapping and hitting both ijeoma and esther mercilessy while mother stood still in total shock,i wonder which kind neighbours we had and thier aproko, just mere noise and the whole tentants where crowded at the door, as we all were naked and thier was no perfect lie as to why our clothes were off but what they really wanted to know was the reason for the fight which none of us could tell and i hated ijeoma instantly, yet she was crying profusely like she was the one that was maltreated, as i stood up, crying and holding my butt so as to calm the pain from the belt marks all over my butt and walking past the door, aunty comfort drew me close and muttered

“i wonder wetin big boy like you dey do with dis small girls, see as you don fall your hand”

truly! truly i don fall my hand

….. The END

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