Confession Of a Nigerian, 14year-Old-Boy, Well Endowed, Who Had S*x With His Mom’s Best Friend – Part 4





I washed myself up with the remaining water in the bucket and hurriedly left the bathroom before other tenants start coming back from church and then my tiny escapade would be blown to world stage.

Stepping out to get water for esther to complete her bath, i decided to drop the bucket and lock my zip properly because my now flaccid dick needs to be properly arranged, then i saw aunty comfort walk into the yard, she was carrying a polythene bag and a purse and was all sweaty from the hot sun that was shinning that day, she looked at me suspiciously because she knew it was only her that i sneaked around on sundays to come be with and since its sunday and she was not around, her instincts told her right away that i was up to something and her guess what right, “O boy dis one you no go church, who dey with you inside bathroom?” she queried, just as i was trying to find the perfect lie to tell, esther called on me “romel bring the water na, you want make cold catch me?” and aunty comfort looked very infuriated but couldn’t talk, she just opened her door angrily and she muttered words like “make i catch you for my dormot again mumu pikin”, i was devasted because i feared that aunty comfort would tell my mum what has transpired between i and esther and that made me scared to come back home as i left for the football feild.

three days gone and no call from aunty comfort and my mother didn’t call me to scold me about the sunday incident either, i guessed she decided not to tell my mother but seriously i was craving for aunty comfort, those her fat thighs on my shoulder, the way she sucks my nipple when am nailing her hard, her constant praises of “big boy!” when am hitting the spot right where all i was yearning for and i couldn’t get any of that and i felt i should go and apologise to her and see if i would be forgiven and fucked at the same time but these days her room door is always closed, until my mother broke the news that aunty comfort would be getting married soon, i felt used and dumped, i wished i was a grown man for all i think of lately is aunty comfort and sweet pussy.

Sitting outside at night and staring at the moon when i felt a pat on my back, i turned to see esther and her elder sister ijeoma, though ijeoma has a tiny body stature and looked younger than esther but you can easily know that she is more matured than esther from the way she carries herself, “can we talk to you please” she said politely unlike esther that would hit me on the chest and call me “small boy!”, she drew closer and told me that thier father which is our landlord and mum travelled and would like me to come keep them company at home and right there i knew that both sisters where hungry for my sugarcane and at that state of mind i was, i need to fuck someone really hard and cum.

Inside thier room, i sat on the old crampy looking bed while both sisters sat beside me and esther was bold enough to make the first move because she has swam in my river before and she caressed my chest slowly, looking deep into my eyes and said

“i told my sister what you did to me the other day, and she wants to feel it too” as she smiled

i looked at her and smile as she placed her hand on my belt and began to unbuckle my belt, my flaccid dick began to gain erection just at the mere thought of banging two sister, one i have already banged but the other which seem like something impossible was before me and yearning for my dick, i turned towards ijeoma

“can i take off your clothes please”

and without hesitation,she raised her hands up and i took the singlet she was wearing off and those set of fresh untapped virgin boobs were staring at me, as i grabbed one boobs and directed it straight to my mouth, sucking it like fresh oranges while esther has already unbuckled my belt and released my “pump action” from the cage and was sucking it exactly the same way she did in the bathroom the other day and i decided to suck ijeoma’s pussy the way aunty comfort taught me how to suck pussy, i slowly pushed her back to the bed as i took off her shorts and a very fresh looking pussy was wide open and even from the darkness in the room i could see her pink pussy and the way her big clitoris was nodding its ugly head and was waiting in anticipation for me, just as i planted my tongue on her clit, she let out a small moan

“Arrrggh romel pls suck me slowly”

and esther was busy giving my dick one of the best trips of its life, sucking from the tip down to the base of my dick and would grab my ball with her lips and make it pop with her mouth, while i was ravaging ijeoma’s pussy, i guess the more esther pleasured my dick was enough inspiration for me to suck ijeoma hard and her hand was holding my head tight as i sucked her deep, putting my tongue inside her pussy and licking it very fast

“romel come fuck me pleaseee!”

so did ijeoma beg while i was sucking her, i pushed esther away, raised ijeoma’s leg up used both hands to throw the legs further apart as i slot my dick inside her

“whaaat!” she yelled

as she felt the impact of my dick on her pussy, my dick almost ripped her pussy apart and it fitted her wet cunt so tight that i had to press hard for my dick to enter and began to fuck her real hard and good as she kissed me, while esther kept spanking my ass and squeezing my nipples and kissing me whenever ijeoma lets go of my lips.

hitting the walls of her vagina and making sure i enjoy the sweet taste of her pussy, just as we were fucking and banging, i noticed some movement at the window and the person was holding a torch and i stopped abruptly and dived for the window to get a glimpse of who was that and i saw the person running from the window but from her big buttocks and the way she waddles, i knew it was aunty comfort.

two times within a space of four days she has seen me banging chics, i was planning to go and ask for forgiveness but now am sure she will never forgive me

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