Confession Of a Nigerian, 14year-Old-Boy, Well Endowed, Who Had S*x With His Mom’s Best Friend – Part 3




while contemplating the next action to take, i grabbed my dick and began to masturbate, doing exactly what aunty comfort taught me in my first sex class, my dick became so fully erect as i watch soapy water drip off her shiny body , i took the bold step and rushed into the bathroom, slotted my dick into her pussy as she bent down to scoop water from the bucket and she screamed “kai!! who is that” as she pulled away from me.

i didn’t run or felt ashamed of my actions, i guess i was too horny that it instilled boldness in me.she turned and gave me a dirty slap, scooped water from the bucket and poured me, now drenched in water, that was when i felt a little flint of shame running through my spine but i wasn’t deterred at all, i tried holding her hands and dragging her close to me, then she said “you see why i keep calling you a small boy?, you can’t be polite and ask a lady for sex”, she was about dragging her towel from where she hung it and i guessed her eyes saw my fat cucumber sized dick with thick veins running through, i guess she could not resist it and she drew me by the dick, pulled her slippers, knelt down on it and took my fat cock into her mouth, i watched as she struggled to contain my cock in her mouth, gagging as she was giving me very rough and fast blowjob, i felt the sharp pain from her teeth because her mouth was too tiny for my dick!.

i grabbed her boobs and squeezed them as i watched her suck me deep and slow, she stood up, hugged me and we kissed so passionately while she grabbed me by the butt, kissing and spanking me so sweet and tender, turned herback, raised one leg up a bit and gave me a hand gesture of invitation and i entered her pussy from the back “Ouch!! small small” she moaned and out of built on pressure i went straight to hitting her pussy hard like i was pounding pepper in mortar, “slow down small boy” she closed her thighs as she turned and looked at me, “fuck me slowly dear, not all girls like it hard” and i decided to obey her request so that i won’t get her angry, whinning my waist as i fuck her warm pussy, she held on to the wood that was used as frame for the bathroom and i dived deep into her pink-pot, grabbing her boobs from behind and kissing her neck until she yelled “fuck me harder!!”.

Beating up a pussy so hard seem tobe my new found hobby and like a car i changed my gear to the highest of it, resting my back on theother side of the wall as i banged her pussy hard, fucking her like it was a punishment, hitting the inner walls of pussy and making sure it went straight deep to her cervix”Shit!!, that’s so good” so she moaned as she positioned her pussy well for me, her hands now on the ground and her pussy now up as i fucked and spanked her ass,grabbed her ass and drove my dick deep inside like it was all my life was dependant on and she yelled”yes! keep going pleaseee don’t stop, am cumming”.

These words “am cumming” seem to trigger another sensor in my brain and that’s when i hit all corners of the pussy as it was now wet and wide open, making that”phaat! Phaat!” sound and my feets began to shake too, just like a switch that was put on, we both did cum at almost the same time, she moaned out loud as she shook her legs uncontrollably and i could feel her slippery cum all over my dick and that made penetration smoother and sweeter and “Yes! Yes” i moaned as i sprayed my cumin her pussy and my cum drooled out of her pussy in quick rush!

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