Confession Of a Nigerian, 14year-Old-Boy, Well Endowed, Who Had S*x With His Mom’s Best Friend – Part 2





All of sudden it seemed like another spirit took over me because i shifted her in swift moves to the sides with such agility of a wounded lion, raised her fat buttocks up a bit, used my hand to shift one side of the huge butt as i inserted my long shaft deep inside her cunt, she let out a slow moan and adjusted her hips for me to begin my jamming, i slammed the walls of her pussy from behind so hard and well with precise rythmn and motion in my head until she screamed “O boy dey do am like that” as she grabbed her boobs and squeezed her nipples hard, i continued with my slamming for next 3 mins then she began to fart and each fart sound came with an “abasi! this boy dey finish work”.

she pushed me away when the pressure i have mounted on her pussy was too much “come suck me small abeg” so she said, i didn’t even listen to her, as she opened her legs wide for me to suck, i raised her legs to my shoulder, leaning on those legs as it let her pussy mould shoot out well and i was jamming her with my waist and dick inclusive and then she yelled ” sweet boy!, big boy u dey fuck joor” and then her cum spilled like an open can and gushed out of her pussy and rubbed all over my dick and balls.

She used the toilet roll on her table to wipe my dick properly as she stared at me, “you bad o” and i smiled, wore my shorts and shirt, opened the door and left for the feild to play football, but deep down i knew that from that day i left that room till date, another side of me has been unveiled and i was never the same!.

Aunty comfort became my best buddie in the compound, she would buy me gifts whenever she comes back from a long travel, she would tell me not to go to church or if i did go to church, i’ll sneak during service from the youth side of the church and rush back to the waiting arms of aunty comfort, and we would fuck up to three bouts of sex before i rush back to church or if i get carried away and my mum meets me at home, i have every perfect lie for every situation.

Now there is this girl in our compound Esther, she is the daughter of the landlord and she was either my age mate or a little bit older than me, esther keeps calling me small boy because she was a class ahead of me and my mum said that i fail a class in nursery and that was when esther passed me in class, ever since she has been calling me “small boy” i have always felt this urge to pull her cloths off and fuck her till she begs like aunty comfort, since aunty comfort was the first women i fucked and i watched how she screamed and begged when she was taking my big shaft, i felt there is no other perfect way to beat a girl rather than to place her on the bed, spread those legs apart and bang her till she either begs or faint!

On this fateful sunday, aunty comfort has gone to this her usual long travels and i was horny, so horny that in church all i could here were the moans of aunty comfort, her huge boobs and fat thighs was all that my brain could think of, i decided to live the church and go home before i do something drastic, on getting home the whole compound was empty and i just walked towards our door when i heard noise from the bathroom and i paused, listened to know if what i heard was real, as i tiptoed to the bathroom and peeped through the crackings on the wall, i discovered it was esther but her body was quite a contrast from aunty comforts body, slender body frame, fair skin and cup sized boobs, standing fully and her pussy unlike aunty comfort was well shaved, the sight of her pleasure box made my dick so erect that i had to open my zip to let it out as i held it with both hands, she bent down to scoop water from the bucket and her pussy was staring at me from behind, while comtemplating the next action to take.

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