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Before Bleaching Your Skin Here is 5 Things You Should Know

Despite the fact that dark skin being exceptional beautiful, there are still many people who bleach their skin in an attempt to appear lighter.




As harmful as it may seem, bleaching creams have a lot of hidden dangers that you should know before bleaching your skin.


Here are 5 things you should know before bleaching your skin:

1) Bleaching can cause skin cancer

Some bleaching creams have carcinogenic substances that increase the risk of skin cancer in the body.


2) Bleaching prevents Melanin from being deposited onto your skin.

Melanin protects the skin from the Ultraviolet radiation of the sun that can cause skin cancer.To do this, The formation of Melanin has to be transported to the upper layer of the skin however Some bleaching agents act by preventing Melanin from being transported.The Melanin that is already in the upper layers of the skin is regularly lost when skin naturally shed off.


3) Bleaching thins the skin

Bleaching thins the skin and causes

Bruises, stretch marks and other skin problems.It also makes it more difficult for the skin to heal from cuts and abrasions.


4) Mercury Poisoning

Bleaching the skin increases the chances of Mercury Poisoning.Since some bleaching creams contain Mercury.Long exposure to Mercury can seep through the skin and damage the essential organs like the kidneys and lungs.



5. Do the Patch Test

Before using the product, Apply it to a small discreet patch of skin and leave for 24 – 48 hours and look for signs of redness or Irritation.The Patch Test can be done on the inside of the elbow or and behind the ear.

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